What Is Technical SEO? A Beginner-Friendly Guide for Site Owners

what is technical seo

Whether running a business, writing blog posts, or trying to expand your social media presence, you likely have come across the term “SEO,” which stands for search engine optimization. But what is technical SEO, and how does it differ? While technical SEO can be difficult to understand initially, even learning the basics can mean the … Read more

What Is Page Authority? A Guide for Website Owners

what is page authority

Page authority can help or hurt your rankings. It’s a way to reward great content that meets search intent, answers common questions, and engages the audience — or devalue a page that doesn’t. But what is page authority exactly, and why is it relevant to search engine optimization (SEO)? More importantly, is there a grade … Read more

What Is a Backlink Audit?

what is a backlink audit

A comprehensive backlink audit is an important step in boosting your website’s online presence. By evaluating the network of incoming links, search engines like Google determine your site’s reputation, quality, and trustworthiness. Garnering more high-caliber backlinks translates to higher credibility endorsements in your niche. So, what are backlink audits, and how do they help grow … Read more

What Are Core Web Vitals? A Guide for Website Owners

what are core web vitals

In 2020, Google rolled out new ranking factors to help site owners improve user experience. They called this update Core Web Vitals, but it didn’t become an official ranking factor until 2021. Regardless, these metrics provide a lot of insight into how users engage with and use web pages. But, what are Core Web Vitals … Read more