What Is Retargeting in Marketing? Definition, Benefits, and Types

what is retargeting

Retargeting boosts conversion rates and optimizes campaign budgets. In this blog post, we’ll answer the question, “What is retargeting in marketing?” and explain how you can use it to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Learn the different types of retargeting, how the process works, and best practices for success.  Key Takeaways Retargeting Definition Retargeting is … Read more

What Is a Lookalike Audience on Facebook? A Comprehensive Guide

what is a lookalike audience on facebook

What is a Facebook Lookalike Audience? A Lookalike Audience on Facebook can increase conversion rates, decrease ad spend, and improve ad relevance. Keep reading to learn about Lookalike Audiences on Facebook, its benefits, and how to create a custom lookalike audience with this powerful tool. Key Takeaways Lookalike Audience Definition A Facebook Lookalike Audience is … Read more

What Is Growth Marketing? Definition, Tactics, and Examples

what is growth marketing

You might have already explored various marketing approaches, but are you familiar with growth marketing? As a marketing professional, it’s essential to understand this powerful strategy and how it can fuel your business’s growth and help you stand out from the crowd. But what is growth marketing, and how does it differ from traditional marketing? … Read more

What Is Media Buying? Everything You Need to Know

what is media buying

Media buying can help you get your business noticed. In this blog post, we’ll answer the question, “What is media buying?” and explain how it can help you reach your target audience. We’ll explore the strategies, benefits, and tips you need to execute a successful media-buying campaign. So, let’s dive right in and discover how … Read more

What Is a UTM Tag, and How Do You Create One?

what is a utm tag

UTM tags can help you get more out of your online marketing campaigns. These snippets of code allow you to track your site’s traffic by source. UTM tags provide valuable insights into the marketing performance of a website, helping you make informed decisions about your online marketing strategies. With UTM codes, you can track where … Read more

What Is an Insertion Order, and How Do You Prepare One?

what is an insertion order

An insertion order (IO) is a document publishers and advertisers use to formalize their agreement to purchase ad space. In this post, we’ll answer the question of “What is an insertion order?” in-depth, define its uses, advantages, and drawbacks, and show you how to create one for yourself. Key Takeaways Definition of Insertion Order An … Read more

What Is Banner Blindness? How to Make Sure Your Ads Get Seen

what is banner blindness

Banner blindness can decrease your conversions and waste advertising money. When a user becomes banner blind, it’s hard for them to find helpful information, and they may quickly lose interest.  In this blog post, we’ll answer the question, “What is banner blindness?” and explain how it impacts web visitors. Most importantly, we’ll teach you how … Read more

What Is an Impression? The Analytics Metric Explained

what is an impression

An impression is one of the most common digital marketing metrics you’ll learn about when trying to attract traffic online. Impressions are among the many types of data collected by search engine tools like Google Analytics and social media business tools like Meta’s Ads Manager. But what is an impression, and are they important to … Read more